FoundedĀ in 1990, the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center (OWRC) has helped rescue over 20,000 animals. Located on R.G. (Doc) Wexler’s three-acre home in Calvert county, the Center rescues all animals – from mice to deer to porpoises. OWRC operates under a strict “no-kill” policy and will help any animal. The public and local veterinarians refer forty to sixty percent of the animals; the remainder of the animals come in from animal control, the local police, and concerned private citizens. OWRC is one of the only facilities in Maryland equipped to rescue wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay. Sea turtles, osprey, and pelicans are among the water wildlife seen by OWRC.

OWRC receives and helps rescue over 1,600 animals a year with a significantly great success rate due to the efforts of dedicated veterinarians and volunteers. We are nearly entirely run by volunteers. There are zero funds available for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation from county, state, or federal sources in the state of Maryland. We solely rely on individuals like you to support our work. Please consider making a secure, online donation. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who make our work possible.