R.G. “Doc” Wexler, OWRC President

When the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center (OWRC) opened its doors to orphaned and injured animals in 1990, it was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream for founder R.G. (Doc) Wexler. He had long been an advocate for animal rehabilitation, a commitment Wexler can track back to his youth when he found an injured baby rabbit. When he grew older, Wexler volunteered for seventeen years at the former Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary in Bowie, Maryland before using his life’s savings and retirement to establish OWRC in Lusby, Maryland. The center is only one of five wildlife facilities located in the state, and serves the counties of Calvert, Charles, and St. Marys.

In 2007, Doc Wexler was the focus of a month-long “WETA Hometown Heroes” profile that aired on WETA TV 26. WETA selected Wexler for his commitment to rehabilitating the wildlife in Southern Maryland. Click here for Doc’s “Hometown Hero” profile.

Adam Terry, DVM, Consulting Veterinarian

Dr. Terry, one of OWRC’s consulting veterinarians, owns and operates All Kinds Veterinary Hospital, Inc. along with his wife, Dr. Autumn Terry. Their small animal hospital, opened in 2005, is located in Callaway, Maryland. Their regular practice includes dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Drs. Adam and Autumn are graduates of Oklahoma State College of Veterinary Medicine. They moved to southern Maryland in 2002 and subsequently opened their practice. In addition to treating dogs and cats, Dr. Autumn has interest in mammalian exotic pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. Dr. Adam has additional interest in exotics such as reptiles (snakes, iguanas, turtles, chameleons, geckos), amphibians, and birds. In addition to taking care of their clients’ pets, they have made time to help OWRC in the treatment and surgery of many sick or injured wildlife and Dr. Adam has been trained as a captain on OWRC’s rescue boat.

Board Members

Bonnie Combs Rogers, Secretary

Bonnie has been with OWRC since its beginning in 1990. Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, she has always loved animals. She is proud to say that she has been able to convert some family hunters into wildlife rehabilitators. Bonnie says that baby animals are very much like human babies. They need and deserve the same kind of care as our own children. She also feels that it is necessary to recognize the very valuable role that wildlife plays in our ecological system. She totally supports the beliefs and values of OWRC’s “no-kill” policy. While she loves all species, she is particularly fond of turtles and deer.

John Rekstad, Treasurer

When John retired from his government job, he found the perfect way to spend his time – as a volunteer for OWRC. With a natural gift for crunching numbers, he easily assumed the position of Treasurer. In addition, he studied to receive his certification and is now one of the captains of Rescue I and Rescue II, OWRC’s on-water rescue vessels.