Chloe Carr

I enjoy working at the OWRC because there is nothing more uplifting than helping innocent animals and gaining their trust, and knowing that you are the reason that they were able to return, healthy and happy, to the wild. I have a gained a new appreciation for the innocence of wildlife and the obligation that we have to protect them. I have also learned skills that you can only learn with hands-on experience, such as animal handling, surgical techniques, and administration of medications. I am currently a biology major at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and I plan to attend veterinary school to receive my D.V.M. In my spare time I like to travel, go to the beach, see concerts, or just read a good book. I currently work here at the OWRC, and will be taking on a management position as of the summer of 2015. My favorite animals to work with are fawns, but my favorite individual that I have worked with so far was a raccoon named Bandit, who came to us as a tick-covered baby and captured the hearts of all of our volunteers with his huge personality.

Chelsea Chipouras

My name is Chelsea, and I started off as a volunteer in early 2014. I ended up starting at the busiest time at the center: Baby Season! It’s absolutely incredible, the experience you gain becoming a part of the OWRC. In May of 2014 I became a Summer intern, and it really made it clear to me just how much I wanted a career working with animals to be a part of my future. There really is nothing like tube feeding a newborn opossum or neutering a rat! I learned so much from the hands-on experiences. There are just some things you can’t learn from a book. My favorite and most nerve-wracking experience was giving our national bird an injection. I highly recommend volunteering here if you love animals. It’s definitely hard work but extremely rewarding, especially when it comes to releasing these amazing creatures back into the wild. Finally, I wanted to take a moment to thank Doc for everything he has done. The man has nine lives, and I think he would risk every one of them to save animals!

Lauren Kellough

My name is Lauren and I’ve been volunteering with OWRC nearly every week since June 2014. I have a BS in Biology from UMW but I am currently pursuing an AAS in Cyber Security. I’ve always loved animals but I’ve never been better able to express that love than through working with the wildlife I’ve encountered at the rescue. These animals often have nowhere else to go and that responsibility can be both moving and terrifying. They make it worth it though, even when I have to leave my comfort zone by handling needles or portioning raw meat for meals. There’s always something new to learn, and Doc and the other volunteers are never hesitant to answer any questions I have. I love to identify birds but so far my favorite animals to handle at the rescue have been baby opossums and squirrels because they seem to love physical contact. I’m a doting cat mom as well as the webmaster for OWRC’s website.

Michelle Rekstad

Michelle combined her lifelong love of animals with her graphic arts background when she came to OWRC. Past duties have included photography, videotaping, and desktop publishing, in addition to fundraising and community relations. She believes every life is sacred and feels privileged to meet some of the beautiful creatures that come to OWRC.

  Risharda Settles

Risharda has been with the OWRC for 1 year with plans to become a Wildlife Veterinarian. She is currently finishing her Biology degree with plans to enroll into Vet school. She is fascinated by nature and all animals and simply loves them and wants to help them in whatever ways she can. In her spare time Risharda likes to edit film and videos, do graphic design, crochet/knit/sew, as well as brush up on her Japanese by watching Japanese TV shows or reading Japanese comic books. She says that it’s very rewarding to help the patients make a full recovery and see them go home. Sometimes it’s messy, dirty work at the OWRC, but Risharda always feels that she makes a difference in the animals’ lives by making sure they are comfortable and well taken care of.

Kristina Shope

I am new to Maryland so volunteering at OWRC was a great opportunity for me to meet new friends in addition to caring for orphaned and injured wildlife. I graduated from FGCU in 2011 with a B.S. in Biology and I am an FAA Qualified Airport Biologist. In the past I have worked for Florida Fish and Wildlife as well as an emergency pet hospital. In my spare time I love hiking with my Australian Shepherd, Bear. My favorite animal that I have worked with so far at OWRC is the opossums – they love to cuddle!

 Brenda & Kyle Songy

Brenda and Kyle have been volunteering for a while. He has been volunteering with us since he was 16, and his mom volunteered with him to make sure he was able to get experience with the animals. They enjoy having a non-competitive, other-oriented, healing place to go and commune with The Source of all things live and real. They’ve gained understanding, knowledge, compassion, and equanimity. Kyle is currently interning with us over the summer, and will be attending college at Purdue University in Indiana, as a pre-vet student. Kyle has little spare time, but has always played soccer and enjoys hanging out with friends on occasion. Brenda reads, writes, gardens, tutors kids, and plays with the dog. Neither of them has a favorite animal, as each has gifted us with some intangible thing that is both precious and eternal.

Leanne Thorne

I recently retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that utilized my lifelong passion and love for animals. I heard about the need for volunteers at the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center on the radio and decided to check it out. On my first day I immediately felt a connection to their mission and found the workers and other volunteers very nice to work with. I also got to play with a young opossum. Being new, I am excited to learn from the others and looking forward to working with the orphaned babies in the Spring. My other hobbies include training and competing with my dogs in obedience, agility and tracking. I currently have a Papillion, Shetland Sheepdog, and English Cocker Spaniel. I also have 2 cats and a cockatiel.